5 Reasons Why I Would Sue Netflix

Whenever I have some downtime or just want to stay in on a Friday night because I’m too hungover from going out on Thursday, I love to watch me some Netflix. There was one weekend where I didn’t even leave my bed and just watched documentaries. It was magical. It’s come to my attention that Netflix has come up with a new Terms of Agreement that they want Netflix users to comply with. In the terms, they state that users are not allowed to sue them in any way that would lead to a court trial. Interesting. Some believe this stems from a $9 million lawsuit that happened awhile ago.
I can’t help but wonder why someone would sue Netflix. If you like the service, cool! If you don’t, cancel! I don’t see what the big fuss could possibly be about, but it got me to thinking (which can be dangerous). In honor of this news, I’ve come up with a list of some possible reasons why people (me) would be mad enough at Netflix to sue them. I think they are pretty legit, and I feel like I’d definitely win in court if this was real life. Show me the money!

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