Relive Your Youth With These 7 Boy Bands

Boy bands are making a comeback! No, they’re not the same as NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys, but I like to think of them like the 21st-century version. I have very specific and picky music taste, but I will admit that I’d actually listen to One Direction‘s songs again. This is just one example of the many boy bands that are increasingly gaining popularity. These boy bands bring me back to my childhood, when leather pants and synchronized dance moves were the norm.
As a college girl who grew up in such a world, its hard for me to accept the fact that there are new groups trying to move in on the boy band territory. However, some of them actually have some talent (believe it or not) so I’m giving them a chance. Here is the College Girl’s Guide to the Newest Boy Bands…

[Lead image via Roxana Gonzalez/Shutterstock]

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