An S Club 7 Reunion Is Coming!

I don’t know about you guys, but I was a huge S Club 7 fan back in the day. If you didn’t race home after school to watch their hotel shenanigans then I’m sorry, but you weren’t a true child of the ’90s. Songs like S Club Party and Bring It All Back ruled mixed CDs, and we all wanted halter tops paired with track pants. They made working at a hotel look like the coolest job ever. When S Club 7 dropped the 7 in the last season, our hearts broke. Obviously, Spice Girls creator Simon Fuller knows that we love British pop stars.

Well, it appears that the rumors of a S Club 7 reunion might actually be true! That means Hannah Spearritt, Paul Cattermole, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, and Bradley McIntosh are really bringing it all back. A source told The Daily Mirror, “The guys have been inundated with approaches and offers over the past three years, but always said no. But following a series of talks and meetings, they decided to go for it.” That’s not all! If the tour goes well, there’s a chance for a new album. I’m resisting the urge to type in all caps right now because I’m so excited! I would give my left pinky for tickets to their tour.

Reminisce in S Club 7 glory with me for a moment:

Would you go to an S Club 7 reunion concert? Are you as excited as I am?

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