BREAKING: James Cameron Is On A Deep Sea Titanic Dive

OMG Titanic director James Cameron is on a deep sea dive to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean as I’m typing this. He’s racing multimillionaire explorer Richard Branson in what they’re calling the Deep Challenge. Branson is using a Triton submarine and president Patrick Lahey said, “We’re interested in getting more people to give a shit about the ocean.” Triton is currently building subs to open deep sea exploring to the public and aims to have the special subs ready by next year.
According to National Geographic, if James Cameron makes it, “the National Geographic explorer and filmmaker should become the first human to reachthe Mariana Trench’s Challenger Deep alone—and the only one to explore it in depth, in person.” James Cameron is traveling in a lime green one-seater submarine. Follow his progress on Twitter @DeepChallenge! Here are some awesome tweets:
A few minutes ago he passed the Titanic’s depth on his dive down: “@JimCameron just passed the #Titanic depth at around 4,305 meters #deepseachallenge
– “I only tweet when I have something worth saying. Today is the culmination of a 7-year project.  It’s finally dive day. Follow us @DeepChallenge

– Paul Allen ‏ @PaulGAllen “James Cameron now the deepest solo diver in history, 3rd deepest ocean diver ever…25550 ft.”
– “‘RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE!’ @JimCameron‘s last words before starting the descent to the Mariana Trench#deepseachallenge
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