Sundays Are For Procrastinating: Movies I’m Excited For

I have a sad, sad story for you. As you’ve probably heard, NYC has a real problem with bedbugs. They’ve been spotted in clothing stores, libraries, and movie theaters. I live in NYC, and my crippling fear of bedbugs prevents me from going to see the movies. Which means I haven’t gone to a movie in a long time.

But this summer I’m heading home to visit my family in a town where no one has ever gotten bedbugs. One of the things I’m most excited for is being able to see a movie without worrying about nasty little critters the entire time. So in honor of my summer of freedom, here are the trailers from a few movies that I can’t wait to see.

Garnet is a student at Columbia University in New York City. She is “that person” who starts dancing at a party when everyone else is standing around, and if there were a Facebook stalking Olympics, she would be a gold medalist. She also loves cheesy 90s music, and almost died of happiness when Vanilla Ice retweeted her. Once. Follow her on Twitter @garnethenderson.

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