Current Events Cheat Sheet: RIP Trayvon

Everyone’s been talking about Trayvon Martin this week. Trayvon Martin is a black teenager who was shot dead in February by a vigilante neighbor who found his presence on the street threatening, even though he was carrying no weapon and was just making his way down the road. Sadly, racism is still common, so what made this story catch the media’s attention? The man who shot Trayvon, George Zimmerman, alleges self-defense and is protected by a “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida (basically another term for self-defense). Everyone’s been talking about this story and nobody knows what will happen next, especially with a number of famous figures weighing in. The most powerful commentator yet? President Obama, who said “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”
A gunman murdered four people in a Jewish community in France on Monday. The shooting is the latest in a number of attacks on the religious group, and all have been in Southern France, so authorities are basically sure they are related. Prior to Monday, the shootings had left a rabbi, three paratroopers, and three Jewish school children dead. Plus, in every attack the killer used the same .45-caliber gun and rode the same Yamaha scooter. But, they still don’t have the guy. So, France is dealing with what some people are calling the biggest manhunt in the country’s history. Let’s hope they get him soon.
The Hunger Games broke box office records with its opening weekend numbers. The film opened with an unbelievable $155 million at U.S. and Canadian box offices, the highest numbers for a movie that is not a sequel. That’s right- the first Hunger Games film beat the first Harry Potter, the first Twilight, the first Lord of the Rings… should I go on? Now, imagine what the sequel will rake in. And unlike some other teen-novel inspired films (*cough* Twilight *cough*), the audience was more than just teenage girls, with 56% of viewers over 25 and 36% male.
A report released last week discovered that total student debt in America has surpassed $1 trillion. I know, shocking right. Except kind of not really, because me, my friends, and almost everyone I know is taking out loans to cover their education. Add that all up, with all the colleges across the country? It kind of makes sense. Still, the number is 16% higher than an earlier estimate. Experts say the massive amount of debt will have a considerable negative impact for years to come- especially on the housing market, with new grads so burdened by debt that they’re unable to buy new homes.
Pic o’ the Week:

PHOTO:COPYRIGHT:2012 RMS TITANIC, INC; Produced by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, National Geographic released the highest resolution images ever seen of the sunken ship. This is a profile image of the whole ship, and no, there’s no sign of Rose’s necklace.

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Welcome to My Dream Tree House [Photos]
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