What Should We Call Me [Web Spy]


We all know how hard it can be sometimes to express exactly how you feel into words. Like, for example, how you feel after you drunkenly tell your crush you like him or when you discover your new favorite sushi roll. These kind of complicated emotions are what What Should We Call Me is for.

What Should We Call Me is my newest go-to site for procrastinating. It’s a Tumblr page that features just about any situation you can think of (for example, “when my professor shows up late for class,” “when someone tries to tell me how unhealthy my meal is,” or “when someone tells me they don’t watch Bravo”) accompanied by a hilarious animated GIFs that describes it perfectly in a way that words never could.

You’ll find yourself cracking up and relating to so many of the posts on What Should We Call Me — it’s the perfect time-waster! So whether you need a break from studying or just need a good laugh, check it out!

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