Hilary Swank in Ferragamo [Hot or Hot Mess]

Hilary Swank (now there’s someone I haven’t thought about for a while) stepped out in Paris in this purple Ferragamo frock.  The outfit may or may not have caused a mini-battle among my friends. Some of my girls were digging it—but I can’t say I’m into the ensemble. For me, the fishnets aren’t really working. But again, my friends were arguing they were subtle and fun.
On that note, I might not even be sold on the dress as a whole. The top and belt have me downright giddy (LOVE) but I’m not so sure how I feel about all of the draping and tiers. Though pretty much any Italian designer has me reminiscing about my semester abroad in Italy last year, so I don’t even know if I can trust my own judgment. You say Ferragamo, I’m thinking delicious food, 1 euro bottles of wine and sexy Italian men. Hard to stay focused.
I’ll let you decide while we get back to the bickering—does she look hot, or like a hot mess?

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