How to Have a Stylish Spring on Campus [Budget Stylista]

Oh, the glamorous life of college kids. From the lectures, to the parties, to the late night library sessions, to the awkward Sunday morning walk of shames. This is our weekly schedule. This is how we roll through the best four years of our life! Here in the Midwest, awkward weather has set in. One week, 85 degrees. And the next week? 36. This has caused much style confusion throughout campuses as I witness athletic shorts and tees worn to the clubs, denim shorts and tall UGG boots worn to the dining halls and even sequin dresses and wedges worn to class (uh, did you think this was Bar Hopping 101 or are you wearing your outfit from last night?). Granted, I’ve been a bit off myself. My thought process is along the lines of “60 degrees…warm enough for a short sleeve blouse but not enough for denim shorts?  It’s sunny and slightly warm out but my classrooms are already blasting out the cold air, so UGG boots and a tank top?” Awkward.

As your Budget Stylista, I’ve decided to go over affordable, proper spring attire for the library, classroom and local bar. Hopefully that chick from Bio who wears a maxi dress and Converse reads this post.

Exam All-Nighters

Actually learning — the most important aspect of attending college. Along with classes comes studying, and along with studying comes that late-night study sesh at the library. Obviously looking good is the last thing on your mind when studying, but it doesn’t hurt to look comfy-cute…you never know when you’ll run into that super-hot guy from Calculus, right?

VS Pink Zip Up $46.50, VS Legging $24.50

Ditch the ratty “Seniors 2010” hoodie for the night and grab your favorite Victoria’s Secret zip up (zip up sweatshirts & layers are good for those unpredictable classroom temperatures.) Accompanying a larger top layer and leggings makes for a balanced and extremely comfortable ensemble. Slip on your vans or flip flops and add a tote to complete the sensible look.


Ah, class-wear. I’m a huge advocate for the yoga pants, t-shirt, messy bun combo, but it doesn’t reflect well on me when someone asks my major and I awkwardly reply “fashion…” I see nothing wrong with looking put-together for class, but I can’t help but laugh when I see those try-hard students attempting to pull off high heels, looking like Bambi on ice instead.

Nude Dress $26.00; H&M Blazer $34.95

When I’m feeling really stylish, I opt for a light sundress and a blazer. The color blocking white & pink has definitely been one of my favorite spring trends thus far. Look extra chic in flats and an envelope clutch. This outfit would make me proud to declare myself as a fashion major…but then again would anyone really have to ask?

A Night Out

Hey, chick in the bling’d out neon-yellow, chandelier mini-dress, we get it… You’ve got people to impress and you’re not going to waste the opportunity. Looking sexy and chic isn’t that hard, but many girls go for the sequined over-kill.

F21 Tank $5.00; F21 Body-con Skirt $5.80

If you want to make a statement, color-blocking is the cure. Take a body-con colored skirt and pair it with a neutral colored top and shoes. With simple accessories, you’ll be gorgeous and fashion forward instead of gaudy and a fashion fail.

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