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10 Mistakes You’re Making at the Gym


Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. In fact, our flame is so hot and cold that I sometimes I stare at the door the entire time I’m working out, counting down the minutes ’til it’s time to leave. There are, of course, other days where I am so excited to go to the gym its like okay, who put the steroids in my coffee?

I hate going to a packed gym, so I always try and go when it’s inconvenient for me and everyone else. Lunch? No thanks, you guys go munch on delicious flat-breads, I’m gonna go pump some iron and have a protein shake. Sleep? Eh, I think I’ll run six miles instead.

Even though it’s a vicious cycle, I do love the gym. But I always feel like a trip to the gym is like looking through a digital People of Walmart magazine. I just want to say to the guys lifting weights in work boots and the preteen girls reapplying mascara in the locker room…. what are you doing? This is the gym. A place where it’s okay to sweat, pant, and guzzle your water down so quickly it’s like Y2K is a threat all over again.

Even though I think it’s great that people are working out and staying on top of their health, I just want to grab those preteen divas by their preteen cheeks and tell them to stop trying to lift the 30 pound weights. Then I want to step on the work-boot clad lumberjack’s toes and remind him just how important arch support is!

But, I know I’m not the gym police, so I have to take my rants somewhere else people will listen to me…. like the internet, where I can share my list of the 10 most unforgivable and horrifying mistakes everyone is making at the gym:

Kylie is a writer, blogger and Harry Potter fanatic in the NYC area. She has an affinity for eggs benedict, spicy bloody mary’s and shopping (who doesn’t?). Are you a CC girl living in NYC with a tip to share? Tweet @NYC_CC for all Kylie’s random acts of New York-ness!