A Love Letter to My iPad

Dear iPad (also known as little mac),

I never knew what I was missing in life until I found you. The ease in which I can search for things, write scholarly articles, and watch reality TV amazes me.
Your lightweight no-need-to-pretend-I’m-breaking-my-back-while-lugging-you-in-my-bag is fantastic. Not to mention how the envious stares, whenever I slowly take you out of said bag, make me feel like the six-foot model I’ve always wanted to be. You’re like the liposuction I never knew I wanted to get.
While your looks are on par with none, it’s your personality and brain that really have me hooked. The best friend, oh-hey-girl-check-out-this-magazine, mentality of your apps. The organization of my hectic — okay insane — life. The instant notifications for emails rejecting yet another application, although are disappointing, still make my day. And that little ping I hear every time a Words With Friends move is made, well it’s almost as good as buying three pairs or new shoes (that’s right…three freakin’ pairs).
Basically you are the electronic best friend I never knew I needed. Plus I can fit you in cute bags AND you never talk back. You even take pictures of me without being asked, so I mean you’re basically the perfect best friend.
Well little mac, thank you for a great beginning…I look forward to the rest of our lives together. Oh and I promise to get a keyboard so I can stop typing on your face.

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