CC Beauty Live: Custom Nail Solutions

When I was in high school, acrylic nails were the big thing. Everyone had them, and then when I got to college I realized that my mom was no longer going to take me to get my nails done every few weeks. So budgeting obviously took the priority. Plus, acrylics are really damaging to your nails regardless of how long you wear them. I haven’t worn acrylics since my senior year of high school and my nails are extraordinarily healthy. Well, Custom Nail Solutions asked me to try out their nails, and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.
They send you a kit where you make molds of your nails and then send you custom acrylic nails fit just for you! You can put them on or take them off at your leisure without damaging your nail bed, which is the most important thing. Check out my review below!
On my face: Painted Earth Pore Perfecting Primer, MAC Studiofix powder, NARS Multiple in Orgasm, Maybelline One on One Mascara
On my nails: Custom Nail Solutions
In my hair: Victoria’s Secret So Sexy De-Tangler, Hana Shine Shield, Free Your Mane Baobab Brilliant Restorative Hair Oil

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