Sundays Are For Procrastinating: Our Favorite Commercials Ever

My lovely CC editor Alex and I were talking about how our kids probably won’t know what commercials are. We barely even know what they are anymore since we usually DVR everything and then fast forward through all the advertisements. No more people telling us to switch our phone plans or buy this type of hair gel…it will soon all go out the window. All our kids will know is the 30 second Hulu ads that they’ll have to suffer through while they watch whatever show is popular 10 years from now.

Commercials are a part of my childhood. I would sit and watch Nickelodeon for hours and get hypnotized into wanting every single Barbie and Gak product (remember Gak?!). Commercials are the reason people watch the Superbowl right? Commercials are what make this lovely world go ’round. So since it’s Sunday and since you do not want to start that paper, I’ve given you the opportunity to procrastinate a little longer! Check out 10 of my favorite commercials ever!

[Lead image via Refat/Shutterstock]

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