5 Greatest Celebrity Freak Outs

We all freak out occasionally. Sometimes our roommates make a huge mess and don’t clean up after themselves, or maybe you’re freaking out because you have an eight-page research paper due tomorrow that you haven’t started (my current crisis). Within reason, freak outs are justified. It’s a way for us to get our anger out when we might literally implode if we don’t. Sometimes, however, people take it a little too far. If you’re a regular person, these extreme freak outs can be overlooked and forgotten. But, if you’re a celebrity, they will forever be remembered.
Here are the top five celebrity freak outs:
5. Britney Spears
We all know the story of her shaving her head. Need I say more?
4. Tom Cruise
After proclaiming that he was in love with Katie Holmes, Cruise proceeded to jump on Oprah’s couch. Oprah laughed but she was probably at least a little scared on the inside.
3. Christian Bale
After yelling and swearing violently at his director of photography on the set of Terminator Salvation, Bale later apologized. But, the audio tape of this incident will forever live on.
2. Alec Baldwin
I know he was upset and later apologized, but let me just say if my dad ever freaked out and said anything like this to me, I’d be really scared.
1. Chevy Chase
This is the most recent celebrity freak out. The Community star completely bashed the show’s writer in a violently angry voicemail.
What other celebrity freak outs have stood out for you? Tell us in the comments! 

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