Adam Sandler Sweeps the Razzies

I have yet to see Adam Sandler’s movieĀ Jack and Jill, but by simply watching the trailer, I was not surprised by the movie’s huge success at the Razzie Awards. Are you proud of Adam Sandler? Don’t be. This success is not, in fact, a good thing. The Golden Raspberry Awards recognizes movies that really, really suck. Believe it or not, Adam Sandler won both Worst Actor and Worst Actress for his dual performance as twin siblings, Jack and Jill.
I kind of do feel bad thatĀ Jack and Jill literally won in every Razzie category, but really, who came up with the idea for this movie?
Here are some previous Razzie winners:

Do you think Jack and Jill deserved all ten awards? Tell us in the comments!
[Lead image via LA Times]

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