So Who Won the Mega Millions Jackpot? [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

The U.S. lottery jackpot hit a record high this week, sending scores of people to their local lotto stops to purchase tickets. With all those number combos being played, there were three winners when the numbers were announced on Friday… but none of them have claimed the prize. Um, can I volunteer? If all three come forward, they will be splitting a $656 million jackpot, the highest amount the lottery has ever gotten to. The winning tickets were purchased in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland, and I bet every person that misplaced a ticket from one of those states is kicking him or herself. When and if they come forward, the winners will have to decide whether to take all the cash up front as a lump sum or in 26 annual payments. What would you do?
Numbers released on Thursday revealed that more kids than ever are being diagnosed with autism. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 88 children has the disorder, a 23% jump from 2006 and a 78% increase from 2008. In other words, there’s been a huge spike in just a few years. These numbers mean that about a million kids and teenagers in the U.S. are affected. The study also revealed that boys are five times more likely to have autism than girls. But the question remains; is the disease becoming more common, or are we just getting better at detecting it? Regardless, autism research advocates say the numbers are a good thing- Congress and the public will pay more attention.
The U.S. Supreme Court heard three days of oral argument on the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care plan. The Affordable Care Act, which was passed into law back in 2010, was what Obama saw as one of his crowning achievements. Yet, the massive bill has been the subject of heated debate ever since it passed into law. In fact, there was a lot of controversy way before it was passed also… and when the thing was actually in Congress? Ooh-eeh. Finally, the thing has made it to the highest court in the nation, which has the final decision on whether it will stay in place. A decision won’t be made till June, but based on how the arguments went; things aren’t looking good for Obama. The conservative court is concerned that the massive bill oversteps the federal government’s rights and responsibilities and could possibly bankrupt the insurance industry. Stay tuned.
Pic o’ the Week:
March 28th marked the opening game of the Major League Baseball season, a.k.a. cute baseball player time. The Seattle Mariners played the Oakland Athletics at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

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