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Backstage With Rapper P.D.A. at SXSW [Video]


Finding new artists is the greatest part of the SXSW Music Festival, but I never would of guessed I’d find an incredible rapper from Tulsa, Oklahoma! When I first arrived at P.D.A.’s show, I was a bit suspicious. The venue was pretty empty, and the few patrons that were there were caught up in idle chatter. As soon as he started the first song, I was immediately relieved. One part spunk, two parts dancing and a lot of great writing adds up to a 5 star performance. By the end of the 4th song, the venue was completely full of people who had trickled in after hearing the music from the street!

Before P.D.A. (Public Display of Affection), Anthony Jenkin’s got his start on stage with the community opera. Say what?! He recorded his first CD at 17 and hasn’t stopped producing music since. Kid’s got talent. Check out his website, like him on facebook and go back stage with him below!


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