Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Thandie Newton is Pretty in Pink


Thandie Newton is one of those actresses who steadily works, and even occasionally snags some high-profile gigs (Mission Impossible II, ER, Crash), and yet, she never really crosses the threshold into A-list territory. Totally unfortunate, since she’s a great actress and, I mean, hello, she’s utterly gorgeous. Alas. She’s on the promo circuit as the star of Tyler Perry’s latest flick, embracing a simple, elegant and sexy aesthetic.

blazer – Forever 21, $29.80//t-shirt – Forever 21, $4.80//shorts – Delia’s, $34.50//sandals – DSW, $49.95

I personally have a love/hate relationship with shorts, but I love them as a part of this ensemble. Shorts can be really chic while still maintaining a generally casual aura, and I definitely think black shorts should be a spring/summer wardrobe staple. They are so versatile. Paired with a hot pink top and a blazer, you now have a playful but sophisticated look. Add some sleek leather sandals and you have an outfit that is cute and fun for either day or night.

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