Dentist Hoarding CelebrityTeeth?! [WTF Friday]

I really hate the show ‘Hoarders.’ It’s gross and disturbing. And it’s not one of those gross things that I can’t help but watch…it’s one of those things I just don’t want to watch period. I’m not claiming to be anally clean and organized, but I do believe in a healthy level of self control and basic hygiene. When I heard about ‘Extreme Makeover’ dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman, hoarding celebrity teeth, I was pretty disgusted. WTF?

Dorfman nonchalantly tells TMZ, “I actually save famous people’s teeth when I pull them… I thought one day maybe I could sell this on eBay.” Is that legal? It is definitely creepy. He wouldn’t say whose teeth he had acquired due to patient confidentiality, so I’m not sure how he plans on selling the teeth one day. Though I would never bid on any pulled teeth, there are definitely freaks out there who would. But even those crazies aren’t going to bid on something called ‘A Really Famous Person’s Tooth.’ Maybe patient confidentiality agreements have an expiration date? Regardless, Dr. Dorgman has earned his place on WTF Friday.

Watch the full interview Dorman does with TMZ here, and choose your dentist wisely! Steer clear of this guy.

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