Ditch the Skanky, Remain Sexy [Budget Stylista]

Living in a college town typically makes partying Tuesday-Saturday an acceptable after school activity. This is thrilling and all, but the more I go out, the more I begin to realize how skanky the typical “going out” look has become. Sure, we’re all young with hot bods, but when did style become a free show of goodies? It’s not like I wear a maxi skirt and a zip up to the clubs, but some of these outfits are straight-up embarrassing. Luckily for you, our skanky 2 sexy machine is up and running–ready to clean up some raunchy ensembles. Take your look from “booty call” to beautiful without exhausting your college budget!

Plunging Necklines

Showing off the girls is fun, and going out is the right time to do it. However, boobage flying around while doing the cat daddy is not the classiest move. Go for a sweetheart neckline that allows a good amount of cleavage to show without going all willy-nilly. Even if you don’t have much to show, it cuts low enough to give the illusion.

Caged Sweetheart Dress $48.00

Sheer fabric is a beautiful detail that can be really flattering. But when you can make out a nipple, it becomes a problem. Choose the location of your sheer fabric wisely, preferably in low ‘slip’ risk areas on the body.

Peplum Mesh Dress $58.00

Bold patterned dresses aren’t very skanky, but they definitely make you look like a cheeseball. Nicki sports a galaxy printed dress that would be appropriate for…….actually, it’s not appropriate for anything. Class up this look with a bold tank dress that flatters and spotlights.

Leona Caged Dress $68.00

Alright, Tila Tequila is obviously the poster child for skanky clothes, but I guess she owns it pretty well. Lace has become really popular, but the whole bra under a layer of lace thing has got to go. Just because it’s the same color does not mean it’s acceptable. Layer the lace dress over a light slip for a classy, yet feminine look.

Nom de Plum by Ya Ya Swank Dress $69.00


I love cut outs. I think they’re a really chic way of showing skin. However, when the amount of skin showing rivals the amount of fabric, it’s skanky. Opt for a simple LBD with torso cut outs, a perfect hybrid of elegant and sexy.

Lucca Couture Cutout Dress $59.00


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