How to Rock Retro Fashion

With Mad Men exponentially gaining popularity, it’s no question why fashion of the 50s and 60s is making a comeback. We’re seeing feminine silhouettes and polka dots making their way back into our closets. With this era of fashion comes the pin-up girl look: high shorts, cardigans, wedges. Flirty, but not too sexy, is definitely how I would describe this look.

If you told me to create a pin-up girl, 60s-inspired outfit, I would have no idea what to wear. One of the fraternities on campus recently had a Mad Men party and it took me a solid two hours to perfect my ensemble. Here is where College Fashion comes in! Our friends at College Fashion have created three super cute, pin-up girl-inspired looks to make your lives a little easier. They even have an adorable beach ensemble, polka dot bikini and all!

Head over to College Fashion to see these adorable looks!

[Lead image via Nejron Photo/Shutterstock]

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