12 Places To Get It On Before You Graduate

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College. The 4, for some of us 5, greatest of our glory years. You’re not a girl, yet not quite a debt-ridden woman (yes, I just made a Britney Spears reference, didn’t you know…she’s back! So it’s okay.) You’ll take a lot of memories with you from the journey from duckling Freshman to swan Senior, but there will also be some regrets. Some of those regrets are going to haunt you for the rest of your life, or until you get a good paying job, which in this economy might mean the rest of your life. And of those regrets, potentially chief among them are not having sex in places you wish you would have. Once you graduate, these passion possibilities are past their expiration date. They’re gone…gone…gone. So here’s your Uncle Dude trying to make sure you have the most fulfilling experience you can. Here are 11 places you should have sex before you graduate:

And there you have it folks, not 10, not 11, but 12 places to have sex before you graduate. Put this list on your dorm room door and start checking them off. Trust me, there are parts of the college experience that aren’t essential, I can make an argument that any of these absolutely are. The real questions: which of these have you already done, and did I miss any goodies?
With honors,
The Dude
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Jason Trawick: Britney's Future Husband And Co-Conservator
Jason Trawick: Britney's Future Husband And Co-Conservator
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