Text Like a Vampire With the Samsung Galaxy Note

The other night I was watching the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries (my ultimate guilty pleasure) on DVR and doodle-texting away on my Samsung Galaxy Note. At one point I thought I was seeing double after I hit “send” when I looked up at the screen to find one of the vamps doing the exact same thing…on the exact same phone. Being a total nerd, I shouted to everyone in my house, “Klaus has my phone! I have Klaus’ phone! Guys! We have the same phone!”

Though it may have been merely a personal moment of glory, I still thought this was a great time to share my love for the Galaxy Note. Bigger than your typical touch-screen phone, but smaller than a tablet, the Note is perfect for someone like me. I don’t want, nor can I afford, to own two separate devices — one for calling and texting, one for comfortably reading and surfing the net. The Note brings me the best of both words all in one device, plus it’s got this super cool S Pen that lets me dominate in Draw Something and send wonderful doodle-texts to my friends. (They love receiving silly caricatures of themselves at 2AM on a Saturday night, I swear!)

The screen is huge and has become my BFF during commute hours. I don’t have to squint to read text like I used to have to do on my old phone and watching Hulu has become infinitely more enjoyable. And since I’m always working, should I be stuck with a great idea during my browsing/watching/reading, there’s the super awesome feature called the S Memo. Just whip out your S Pen, tap the screen while holding down the button, and you’re ready to jot down your notes, then seamlessly go back to what you were doing.

Another feature that I love? The multiple, customizable homescreen panels. You can populate them with whatever widgets you choose, in whatever order and size you want. I have a screen set up for work, one for my messages, one for games and fun stuff, and four more waiting to be organized. Yup, seven panels you can effortlessly scroll between…welcome to heaven.

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes in Ceramic White and Carbon Blue, both featuring an 8MP camera with LED flash. I suggest getting a case for this phone to protect the huge screen, and Samsung’s got a great one that snaps right to the back and has a folio flap to keep everything protected. Learn more about the Galaxy Note here!!

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