Is Obama Creating More Jobs? [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

A Navy fighter jet crashed into an apartment building in Virginia Beach on Friday afternoon. Before you get nervous, nobody died… but the alarming event did cause billows of black smoke to rise up over the complex and at least six people to be hospitalized. A student was piloting the aircraft with an instructor in the back, but the event was apparently due to an inexplicable mechanical problem rather than human error. The crash could have been tragic, but the pilots made the smart move to dump their remaining fuel before impact. Had they not, all of that flammable liquid would have caused a massive explosion, and certain death.
President Barack Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law on Thursday. The Act had both Republican and Democratic fans – a happening that is way, way too rare in today’s partisan political game. The legislation would basically make it easier for business startups to raise capital. The tech industry cheered, but the labor party – which has usually been a fan of Obama – was not so happy. Despite all the hubbub, economic experts predict the Act will have little affect on the economy and open up possibilities for financial fraud.
After Tuesday’s primaries, Mitt Romney’s nomination by the Republican Party has transformed from likely to almost certain. The votes took place in Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, and Maryland. Romney won in all three states. Yet, second-place Santorum said that it’s only “half-time” in the GOP race. I’m pretty sure few people besides he and his supporters would agree with that hopeful assessment. Now, instead of wondering who will be the Republican nominee, the question becomes “Who will be Romney’s VP pick?”
Pic o’ the Week:
Thomas Peters/ Reuters
Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day, and I can’t believe I missed it! People really went crazy in Germany, where municipal workers were left to sweep up the feathery remains.

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