Watch Kate Upton’s Boobs Celebrate Easter [Photos]

I get it, Kate Upton is hot. But hotness has its limits, and Kate is getting dangerously close to weird in the video she released for Easter. At first, I assumed the video was a commercial for something. And it is “presented” by Love magazine, so I guess it’s a promo of sorts for them. But it just keeps going and going. There’s no product here, only Kate Upton dancing around dressed as an Easter bunny. A very adult Easter bunny, of course.

This was the first time it really sunk in for me that Kate Upton is younger than I am. Not by that much, and she is over 18. But still, it made me feel weird to watch her dancing around in a barely-there bunny costume. Especially because Easter is a holiday that I associate so much with being a little kid. I don’t really do anything to celebrate Easter now, but when I was little, I loved it. I used to decorate eggs, get Easter baskets (candy!), and go on Easter egg hunts. So watching Kate Upton – and her very prominently displayed boobs – writhe around in Easter grass and decorate eggs really, really creeped me out.

This video is one minute and fifteen seconds of WTF. Kate is constantly rubbing and adjusting her boobs, like we need to be reminded that they’re there. But then she giggles like a little girl while decorating eggs. And rolls around in some Easter grass. Kate, that belongs in a five-year-old’s Easter basket, not your crotch.

Kate looks gorgeous in the video. But a young, beautiful woman doing Easter crafts in lingerie? It’s just too creepy for me.

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