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Beyonce Showcases a Post Baby Beach Bod!


I am well aware of the conspiracy theories out there about Beyonce not actually giving birth to Blue Ivy. However, I feel that for all the effort Beyonce allegedly put into ‘pretending’ to be pregnant, it would have been just as difficult to actually be pregnant. Personally, I don’t think it is anyone’s business, but these bikini photos of Beyonce vacationing with hubby, Jay Z, definitely display a curvier physique. If the rumors claim that Beyonce used a surrogate, so she didn’t have to ruin her body, why would she still gain so much weight? Don’t get me wrong–she looks GREAT! But she definitely is not flaunting an itty-bitty bikini. See the photos here and decide for yourself!

Did Beyonce give birth 3 months ago? Or is this weight gain just part of the hoax?

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