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Mo Contraception Control, Mo Problems [Sex in the News]


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Conservatives claim to love one thing more than anything else. And that’s cutting the size of government.

Yes, they want fewer taxes and less government spending. But recently it seems they also want to control contraception and other rights that affect women’s control over their reproductive systems. Unfortunately for those trying to make both these things happen is that they’re mutually exclusive. Limiting women’s reproductive rights is cancelling out the previous goal of reducing costs.

First off, there’s Medicaid. In 2006 it cost state and federal government $11-billion dollars to cover the cost of treatment and delivery of unintended pregnancies. It only costs $39 a year per female employee for companies who cover birth control—saving $9,000 per female employee over a two-year period.

It’s much cheaper to cover the costs of contraception, especially when paired with family planning services. It’s estimated these measures cut $19-billion in medical costs each year—while reducing the need for abortions (hey, Republicans! isn’t that what you want?)

The answers are really all there. As with many other aspects of healthcare, prevention is key, and most often the most affordable option. Giving women the right to determine their own reproductive rights would increase earning potential for women and could reduce strains on other social services.

What do you think? Do the numbers show it’s time to take a different approach?

Leah is so close to finishing her Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto. When she’s not working on the Ryerson Review of Journalism she’s baking tasty cupcakes and hunting for a job (hopefully that pays). Follow her @Elleandbee