Miley Cyrus vs. Lindsay Lohan Battle of the Sideboob [Photos]

Kate Upton’s boobs wished you a happy Easter. And now Miley Cyrus’ boobs are wishing you a happy… Wednesday? Miley flashed the paparazzi some serious sideboob yesterday while she was shopping with her mom. Yup, her mom. She was wearing a loose t-shirt with no bra underneath, and the sideboob was intense. Miley’s a serial offender in the no bra category – her braless car shopping a while back inspired our post about the 8 things you should never do braless.

Miley’s you’ll-look-at-my-sideboob-and-you’ll-like-it attitude reminded us of the former Queen of Sideboob, Lindsay Lohan. So who deserves the title of sideboob master? Take a look at our gallery to see how Miley and Lindsay stack up (pun totally intended), and then vote in the poll below!

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