Take Notes on Websites With Markup! [Web Spy]

Many of you are probably like me in the fact that I like to take notes and make comments for myself in all my textbooks and printouts I read for class. Do you ever wish you could do the same with a website? Well with Markup, you can!

Markup is a cool web app that lets you mark up webpages with drawings or text and share them. It’s just as simple as it sounds: just drag the Markup button to your browser’s bookmark toolbar — there’s nothing to download!

When you find a page you want to share with someone, click on the Markup button, draw and edit to your heart’s content — you can even get fancy with different colors and shapes. When you’re done, click “publish” and Markup will then create a link that you can share with anyone. People you send marked-up pages to can also respond to your markup by marking up the page themselves!

Markup is great for taking notes on a website you might look at for class, for sending your thoughts on an interesting article to a friend, or countless other uses!

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