This Post Grad Life: Making Life Progress in Baby Steps

Lately, I’ve been in a huge,¬† post-grad rut. There are so many things I wanted to accomplish IMMEDIATELY upon graduating from college (i.e. being a successful writer, getting my own studio apartment, making lots of money), and of course…none of that has happened. So all I’m left to do is sit and wonder why none of it is progressing at the speed of light.
The most frustrating part is: I GET IT. I know things take time. If I had a dime for how many times people have told me that, I’d already be a millionaire packing my floppy JCrew hat for the Hamptons. But my little 20-something heart has a hard time dealing with baby steps and time. Why doesn’t success hit as fast as a tequila shot? Anyway, I’ll get to my point.
I’ve been learning how to take baby steps (this should be a crash course in college). How do I do so, you ask? It’s pretty simple. For me, it starts with writing out a detailed financial plan and buying a huge calendar. I start making extra money by freelancing and working more hours (as a flight attendant), and work that income into my financial plan to spend in teeny trickles of time.

Embarrassingly enough, I still live at home with my parents. I’ve swallowed my pride already, so leave me alone. My future roommate¬†(who also lives at home) and I have made a detailed list of things we need for the apartment-to-be to make it the cute, shabby chic dream we want. Every paycheck we make a special trip to the local antique shop (or Pottery Barn), and buy one thing off the list. Currently, we’ve purchased an adorable pile of vintage teacups, saucers, plates and bowls. We can’t WAIT for next paycheck. We are buying a tea bag holder and pots. It may seem like a completely minor action, but it gives us something to get excited about, and it saves money
Since living at home, I’ve been able to save enough money to purchase my own DESKTOP. Talk about being a grown a$$ adult, right? I’ve named her Stella, and she’s been a strong aid in helping me write with ease whenever I want. I kiss her goodnight, and I don’t care who knows. Also since living at home, I’ve been able to take some writing classes at a local literary center. I’m obsessed, and they make me feel all college-y. Again, it may seem like a minor action, but it makes me feel like I’m improving my writing skills and working towards my goals! It also keeps “you’re not an author yet” from sounding so shameful.
These simple steps have really made all the difference. If you’re feeling like you’re burrowed into a post-college rut, write down two strong goals and come up with a manageable way to accomplish them. Take the advice from your infant self. Baby steps!

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