13 Bands You Need to Know at Coachella This Year

It’s that time of the year again, folks! Music festival season is upon us. I, for one, cannot wait to go to Lollapalooza in my hometown of Chicago this summer, but for those of you who are on the west coast, Coachella is already right around the corner! With big name acts like Radiohead, The Black Keys and Dr. Dre, there is reason enough to buy a three day pass.

The main acts are definitely a reason why I go to music festivals, but one of my favorite things about Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and tons of other great music festivals all over the country is the opportunity to hear bands I’ve never heard of before or don’t know a lot about. There are a ton of artists playing at Coachella this weekend that I can almost guarantee will be huge by this time next year. From electronic dupstep to indie rock to hip-hop, there are more than a few amazing lesser-known acts that will definitely rock this weekend at Coachella.

And, hey! If you can’t go to Coachella this year (like me, so sad), you’re not completely out of luck! Coachella will be live streaming certain acts on YouTube throughout the weekend, so it will be like you’re actually there! Not really at all actually, but at least you can watch from your bed in sweats rather than in a huge crowd of drunk people who are sweating on you. There are pros and cons to both situations, but I digress. Without further ado, here are thirteen bands that you should definitely check out at Coachella this year!

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