A Guide to Our Favorite Spring Fashion Trends

While walking the NYC streets the other day I noticed a change in fashion. People were flaunting new prints, new colors, and, overall, new styles. After many head turning moments it finally hit me. Spring fashion has arrived! Now if you’re a total fashion nut like myself then you already have seen the runway shows and know all the new styles. But if you’re not then you’re in luck. I’m here to help! I’ve gathered the top 2012 spring fashion trends. Check ‘em out!
We’ll start with color first.

  1. Pops of neon color: Mix a neon color (pink, green, blue, any color will do!) into your everyday attire. Add neon blue earrings or a neon pink satchel. It’ll brighten your outfit instantly!
  2. Pastels: Spring is a pretty time and what’s prettier than pastels! You can mix an array of pastels. The soft colors blend nicely! However, sea foam green seems to be the most popular.
  3. Orange: Orange seems to be the hit color in all departments. Entire orange outfits are cropping up everywhere! If you want a more simple style, stick to orange bags, jackets and shoes.

Next we’ll cover patterns.

  1. Floral prints: So huge for spring. This is my absolute favorite trend! Floral prints are pretty, feminine and can add flare to simple outfits. Floral print pants seem to be all the rage. So find a pair as quickly as you can and hold on tight to them!
  2. Tribal patterns: It seems as though the popularity of tribal patterns from winter has carried into spring. Tribal patterns are edgy and somewhat sexy. A tribal shirt or jacket can add edge to any outfit.
  3. Bold prints: This is cool if not overdone. Bold prints are an article of clothing that have different patterns (swirls, geometric shapes etc.) and colors blended into one. These are great for any nighttime outfit.
  4. Futuristic patterns: This goes above and beyond the classic patterns. Futuristic prints appear as though they are digital patterns on articles of clothing. If wearing a jacket with a futuristic pattern keep the rest of the outfit simple. Remember to not go overboard!

Finally the remaining trends.

  1. Sporty: Don’t be thrown. These sporty looks are very feminine. Most of them show high collared shirts with longer sleeves or a broad shoulder jacket with a prominent zipper. Stylists are pairing these with cute, loose shorts and coloring them in pastels and pinks. The results are the perfect combination between feminine and sporty.
  2. Colorblocking: This trend is exactly how it sounds. Clothing are designed with chunks, vertical or horizontal, of specific colors or shades of one color. Soon enough you’ll be seeing this style all over your favorite stores!
  3. Peplum Ruffles: This is a very specific ruffle. It is one ruffle resting on your waist line either from your shirt or skirt. It’s very feminine and adds a bit of flare to an outfit.

Hope this helped. Happy Spring everybody!
[Lead image via curlychellez.blogspot.com]

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