Canopy Beds to Dream About [Photos]

I’ve been dealing with something out of the ordinary in this past week: I’m stressed out. Ask any of my friends and they’ll explain that this almost never happens to me. I’m usually the girl that can look at a giant stack of work in the “to-do pile” and stay calm. The combination of family drama (who knew going to college meant you can’t escape it?), research papers, mean teachers (I swear they’re out to get me!) and a serious lack of sleep has led me to both stress and sickness.
Right now, I want nothing more than a break. Even one day to do absolutely nothing. I want a break from the world. And do you know where I want to have this break? On a bed with soft, inviting, white sheets. With a canopy. In an isolated, tranquil environment free from work and my loud hall-mates that keep me up all night.
Until then, looking at pictures of my dream “break from the world” will have to do. Here are a few pictures of canopy beds that give me hope for a better, more relaxing tomorrow:

Ashley is a freshman at George Washington University majoring in International Affairs with a minor in English. She has a slight obsession with astrology and Bon Iver. Follow her on twitter @ashleybrooks25
[Lead image via Vitaly Titov & Maria Sidelnikova/Shutterstock]

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