Why Chris Evans is Your Dream Man

Most of us remember Chris Evans as the goofy and lovable jock from Not Another Teen Movie. Who could forget his whipped cream bikini scene? He has also starred in the Fantastic Four movies and more recently became the new Captain America. He stars in the new superhero film, The Avengers, where he will reprise his role of Captain America. We’re all happy about this because the more skin-tight superhero costumes that Chris Evans wears, the better in my opinion.
One could easily assume that Evans is just another Hollywood jerk with a huge posse of agents, publicists, bodyguards, and bros (think Entourage), but every opinion of Evans will be forever changed due to a new piece that came out in Details Magazine that shows the real side of Chris Evans and just how perfect he actually is. Down to earth, funny, close to his family. Check, check, and check! Take a look at 12 reasons why I wouldn’t mind spending some time with this up and coming star and see for yourself why Chris Evans could very well be the perfect man.

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