Brad and Angie are Really Gettin’ Hitched [Photos]

The rumor mills were churning earlier today when Angelina Jolie was spotted out with a ginormous diamond on her ring finger. Now, Brad Pitt’s rep has confirmed that the news of an engagement is accurate, despite the fact that the couple initially said they’d hold off on getting married until gay marriage was legalized. So there we have it! The cool, alternative couple we all refer to when shunning marriage is no longer the cool, alternative couple. He’s 48, she’s 36, they’ve got 54+ kids and I just guess they felt the need to finally settle down like proper adults. Ahem, “proper” adults.

Whatever. Their love sold out. Next thing you know, we’re going to be seeing photos from their wedding on the pages of Us Weekly and People. This is such crap and it almost makes me want to stop wishing for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel.

What do you think? Is this true love, or are they just looking for ways to get in the headlines without popping out/adopting another kid?

[Lead image via Yahoo]

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