North Korea Suffers a Party Foul [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

Five people are confirmed dead after tornadoes stuck the Midwest this weekend. And more bad news- the National Weather Service predicts that there are more dangerous storms to come. All five of the casualties took place in Northwest Oklahoma, which was hit particularly hard by the dangerous weather. Over 100 tornadoes were spotted across the states of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas, with one town in particular- Thurman, Iowa- reporting that about 75% of the town was destroyed. Let’s hope these states have already suffered the worst of it. 
Rick Santorum stepped out of the race to become the Republican presidential nominee. On Tuesday, Santorum, who was trailing far behind first-place contender Mitt Romney, announced that he would no longer be campaigning to become the next president of the United States. According to Santorum, a huge part of his decision had to do with the time he spent in the hospital with his daughter over the weekend, who is suffering from a genetic disease. The hospitalization, he said, “did cause [him and his wife] to think … about the role [they] have as parents.” Those with a more cynical eye towards the news, though, might say it has more to do with the prior week’s primaries, which basically guaranteed Romney as the eventual Republican candidate. Still, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich have both announced they will continue on with the race, and both claim that they are now the only viable conservative option. Good luck, fellas, but don’t hold your breaths.
North Korea suffered international embarrassment Friday when their much-hyped missile demonstration ended with a mid-air explosion. The rocket launch was meant to show off the nuclear technology the country is working on but ended a flat-out failure as the missile broke apart over the Yellow Sea not long after take-off. The event was part of a nationwide celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country under Kim Il Sung’s leadership. The North Koreans talked and talked about the launch weeks beforehand, and made sure everybody in the international community knew about it. Which means, of course, that everybody was watching when the expensive missile fell apart into nothingness. Now, many are worried the nation will be even more belligerent and violent to make up for the international embarrassment.
The mayor of Newark, New Jersey made headlines this week for saving a woman from a burning building. This is exactly the kind of story you see in cartoons or movies, but this was real life. And the hero? The city’s most important official. Bets on whether he’ll get re-elected? Mayor Cory Booker reportedly returned home at about 9 p.m. on Thursday to find flames shooting out of his neighbor’s windows. His security detail tried to stop him, but he shook them off and ran into the burning building to save the woman who was stuck inside. Amazingly, he was able to locate her and carry her out. Both were hospitalized for second-degree burns, but in a situation that could have been much worse, their diagnoses were blessings.
The Obamas and Bidens released their 2011 tax returns. Like we already knew, they’re rich. But the cool thing is, they give back too. Well, at least the Obamas do. This past year, Michelle and Barack brought in $789,674 and donated about 22% of that, or $172,130, to charities. The Bidens made $379,035, and donated $5,540 to charity in 2011. You’ve got some catching up to do on the donations, Joe.
Pic o’ the Week:
Facebook/NWS Amarillo, Texas
A freak icestorm on Wednesday morning left the town of Amarillo, Texas covered in up to four feet of hail. Here, a local firefighter stands in a small path that was carved out within the piles.

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