The Best of #MeAndMyHologram [Photos, Video]

In case you haven’t heard, the folks at Coachella brought Tupac back over the weekend. They had a massive seance and raised him from the dead. Just kidding! They made a hologram that looked really, impressively real. Right down to the incredibly well-defined abs.

I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, it’s really, really cool. It looks so real (see the video below)!! But it’s also creepy, because, well… Tupac is dead. But if this is the new thing, I’ve got a long list of performers that I’d love to see raised from the dead. Michael Jackson. Whitney Houston. MJ and Whitney together. Heck, I want all my old faves. Etta James, Billie Holliday, the Beatles… I could go on. But CC Editor Alex points out that it could get weird if these dead-people concerts become a thing. Where do we draw the line?

Of course, this whole discussion has spawned an excellent Twitter trend. It’s good to know that we can always count on Twitter to tackle the great technological debates of our time. Check out the video of the Tupac hologram, and then take a look at the best of #MeAndMyHologram.

[Lead image via MTV]

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