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Liv Tyler is Casually Chic [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]


For me, spring and summer fashion equals simplicity. I don’t want to walk around in scorching (ie, anything over 77 degrees) heat, bogged down in layers or accessories, but I don’t want to look plain or uninspired either. Liv Tyler is excellent at putting together ensembles that are minimalist while still being stylish and interesting.

t-shirt – Kohl’s, $24.99//skirt – Charlotte Russe, $16.99//sandals – 6pm, $44.99

This floral t-shirt is totally cute and seasonal, and I love the idea of pairing it with a simple black pencil skirt. Combining casual pieces with formal pieces is one of my favorite aesthetics. It propels any outfit into being visually dynamic, eye-catching, and fun. Choosing some fierce, strappy sandals gives you a relaxed but sassy look. If you want to add structure, a lightweight blazer would do the trick. A metallic headband would also be a great addition. Even as is, Liv’s outfit is a fabulous and an easy-breezy spring/summer look.
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