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The 5 Best Outfits To Leave Your Man Weak at the Knees

Sex Therapist Daddy


It’s a scenario we’ve seen played onscreen over and over, not at all unfamiliar.

The woman is preparing for the arrival of her partner. She’s wearing a trenchcoat and as her man approaches she slowly unbuttons it to reveal only lingerie┬ábeneath. He’s shocked, aroused and his jaw is practically on the floor.

It’s time to get a little more creative. Do you want to please your man with just one outfit change and sexy reveal?

These are the five best outfits to wear to leave your man as powerless as putty in your hands. Let’s just say with great power comes great responsibility, so wear these wisely.

Dressing for the validation of men can be really tough. If we’re being honest, the male gaze is something that often unfairly dictates the scope of one’s success in many realms. It can be difficult to decide how to present oneself in a way that is self-affirming while still making it possible to navigate life. In terms of dressing to impress, it’s a complex and multi-faceted issue. Wear what makes you comfortable and makes you feel happy, even if it means in the littlest of ways. And in terms of dressing to make your own partner or significant other happy, please don’t sacrifice the aesthetic that makes you feel confident.

Brooklyn-based writer and editor who is probably eating Mexican food and yelling something about feminism, the Kardashians and/or finding the perfect highlighter.