Defending Small Penises [Sexy Time]


There’s a lot of cultural stigma attached to small penises. They’re not considered attractive. We mock guys who aren’t well-endowed and consider them less desirable than guys who are more blessed. A lot of a guy’s perceived masculinity is tied up in the size of his junk, which is just utterly absurd. It’s not like a dude has any choice in the matter, and it’s not like a small penis is some sort of moral failing. Yet, a small penis is almost seen as some sort of a character flaw, and indicative of a guy’s sexual prowess. A lot of this has to do with our narrow-minded focus on p-in-v (when really, size is but one piece of the intercourse puzzle).

There are benefits to hooking up with someone who is smaller. He has more incentive to be creative, more giving, and more open-minded. It’s likely that, as a result of his anxiety over his size, that he’s learned the art of pleasing his partners in other ways, whether it’s through massages, oral and manual stimulation, or certain positions. Moreover, giving oral is a lot easier to a guy who’s only 4 inches or so (I once encountered a guy who was somewhere in that vicinity, and it was totally refreshing to be able to easily fit the length of a penis in my mouth with no effort). There are a lot of reasons my thing with that guy was short-lived, but his size had absolutely nothing to do with it. Reducing sex to “p repeatedly goes in and out of v” is such a juvenile way to approach sexuality. I’d much rather take the guy who’s tiny but attentive than a dude who thinks his “Mr. Big” is the end-all and be-all.

Why is it that we ascribe so much value to traits that we have no control over? Similar to big breasts, big members are lauded, and I fail to see why. It’s not like anyone really has much of a choice over the size of most parts of their bodies, barring invasive surgeries. It would be far more interesting if we could focus more on the parts of our sexuality that we actually have agency over. Then again, breeding massive inferiority complexes about things we can’t do anything about is one of our society’s favorite past-times…

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