Guess The Celebrity Red Carpet Smile [Photos]

Everyone loves guessing games, right? Guess Who, Charades, the French quiz I have to take today (it really is like guessing, I have no idea what I’m doing!)…the number of guessing games are endless. As much as we love guessing games, as mature adults (that may be a big exaggeration, for me at least) those kinds of guessing games can seem a bit…childish. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back. We created this guessing game just for you.
We, here are College Candy, also love us some celebrities. So, we’ve combined the universal love of guessing games with our love for celebrities to bring you…”Guess That Celebrity Smile!” Sound fun? Definitely. Sound “mature”? No, not at all. Do we care? Nope, I’d like to stay young as long as possible!
Can you figure out which smile belongs to who? Click the pictures to find out!

[Lead image via Konstantin Chagin/Shutterstock]

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