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CollegeCandy Gets a Makeover!


The CollegeCandy team is super excited to present its brand new look! After months of planning and designing, we couldn’t be happier with way the new site turned out. And we get it. Sometimes change is scary. We all cringe every time Facebook tells you have a month left with the current layout before they drastically change your stalker platform yet again. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. If you’re not quite ready for the new homepage with all its bells and whistles, go ahead and click on the ‘Blog View’ tab in the navigation bar.

For those of you ready to embrace the new change, we’ve put together a little how-t0 navigate the new site guide to walk you through all of the basic changes. The first question we generally receive is, “Where do I look first?” This answer depends on what you feel like reading! Let’s start with the left column:

This column may look a lot different from the blog view you’re used to on the old site, but it works exactly the same way. Every story we write that day will filter down that column in chronological order. This is where to look for breaking news and the latest trending topics! Click on the ‘More Stories’ button at the bottom for the full blog roll. Below this you will find a fun, new ‘Who Wore It Best’ reader poll.

This is your chance to take part in the content generated on the site. Vote on which celebrity pulled of the look with more style, and see what the rest of our readers thought instantly! If you then look to the middle column, you’ll see a brand new rotating story marquee:

This column is your go-to destination for the most popular stories on the site. The rotating marquee includes stories curated by the CollegeCandy editors in order to give you the best of what’s happening on our site each week. Our favorite stories and top headlines from will live here for you to access easily. Below that lives our ‘Top Stories’ section. This area is actually selected by YOU! These articles have had the most views on our site–reader favorites so to speak. If you want great tips on all things college girl related, this is your destination!

Below the Top Stories is one of our favorite new sections: Horoscopes! Click on your sign to read your horoscope–perfectly tailored to the busy college girl. The best part? It’s updated daily! On Friday you get the scoop for the entire weekend, so be sure to check ’em out before you embark on upcoming shenanigans.

Below the horoscopes are our ‘Top Galleries’ section. Again, these are selected based on readership, so you can be sure they are everyone’s favorites!

If you move to the right column of the page, you’ll find our video box. This box contains three tabs that each contain their own video.

The ‘What’s Hot’ tab will be a funny, trending or viral video we found online and think you absolutely have to see. The ‘Beauty’ tab is done by our very own CollegeCandy Junior Editor, Caitlin Corsetti. This is her live blog that brings you the latest tips and tricks from quick and loose up-dos to light smokey eyes. The ‘Ask CC’ tab is also produced in house! Got a roommate problem that’s really bugging you? Click this tab for advice on how to successfully live with roommates in small spaces! Because we’ve all been there…a few times. Below our video box is another new poll!

Here you can vote on a variety of things including: This or That, Hot or Hot Mess, and Love It or Hate It. We will use the results of your votes in our upcoming style stories, so let us know what you like!

We really hope you all like the new site! Let us know what you think below!

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