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3 Ways to Style Soffe Shorts for Summer


Maybe this was just my group of friends in elementary school, but I remember having an obsession with Soffe shorts. Anyone who was anyone had them. The signature folded-over shorts revealing the white elastic band were an essential staple in every fourth grade girl’s closet. Unfortunately, the popularity of the coveted Soffe short began to wane when we entered middle school and high school.

But fear not, Soffe shorts are making a comeback! The company recently released a new, updated line of the shorts we loved as young girls, which you can view here. The new designs flaunt cute prints, colors and shapes, making these shorts a staple that can now be considered essential for your wardrobe today as a college girl.

Here are a few outfits I think are adorable with the new Soffe short designs.

This is, perhaps, the most obvious place to wear Soffe shorts, but this cute, new design will update your look while you clock miles on the treadmill or do an ab workout. I love wearing bright colors to the gym. Even though I’m not dressing to impress anyone — although there are quite a few cute guys at the gym — wearing a cute gym outfit makes me feel good. I’m obsessed with these mesh shorts in fuchsia because they’re sporty and cute at the same time. You can easily pair these shorts with a tank top (maybe a sorority printed tank like this one from Dormify?), your favorite running shoes, and a collegiate sweatshirt.

In high school, no one (besides my family) ever saw my pajamas unless I was at a sleep over. College is different, though, because it seems like everyone, including my male neighbors, see me in all hours of the day…even right before I go to sleep. While I’ve gotten over trying to impress everyone in my hall, I still don’t like looking like a slob. Soffe shorts are perfect because they 1. are super cute, and 2. cooler than sweatpants (which is good as we enter spring and summer time). I like the fun prints Soffe has now made available, like these shorts with lips all over them. They can be paired with a slouchy shirt and slippers.

I hate going to the library, but sometimes it’s too loud in my dorm to study in my room. In this situation, it isĀ essential that I am comfortable. If I am distracted by an uncomfortable outfit there is no way I will be able to study. I usually go for the leggings look, but with the weather heating up, leggings are getting a little too warm (read: distracting). If you’re in this situation, you can easily pair these Soffe shorts with a long sleeved shirt layered over a tank top (in case they turn on/off the AC while you’re in the library), and Ugg boots with socks underneath (crazy prints/colors are necessary). I hate wearing Uggs but sometimes I can overlook the ugliness to be more comfortable.

Ashley is a freshman at George Washington University majoring in International Affairs with a minor in English. She has a slight obsession with astrology and Bon Iver. Follow her on twitter @ashleybrooks25

[Lead image via Wallenrock/Shutterstock]