3lau Presents Music With Morals [Video]

In my humble opinion, the music industry today is pretty greedy. Somewhere along the way, I feel that it became about the money and not about the music. And with that, I found that I really decreased the number of songs and albums I actually bought (Spotify and Pandora FTW). Anytime I actually do buy an album, I boast about how I am “supporting the arts” only to get shut down by my musician friends who says, “Do you actually know how much of that money goes to the artists? Barely any.” Well, that sucks. Damn the man!
We here at CollegeCandy stumbled upon a video that really touched us. I like to think of it as “music with morals”. Justin Blau (AKA 3lau) is 21 year old singer, music producer, DJ and student from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is known primarily for his remixes and bootlegs and will release an EP later this year. Maybe you’ve seen him perform on your college campus.
Two days ago, 3lau posted a video to his YouTube account, urging people to buy his newest single, “Back To New”. He is concerned with the lack of schooling in Latin America and wants to do something about it. He realizes just how luck we are in American to get the opportunity to attend university and he believes that this opportunity should be available to all. In the video, he proposes to his fans that he is going to donate all the proceeds for his new single to building a school with an organization called “Pencils to Promise” and then match every purchase with his own money. (Can I marry this guy?)
He recently released a video that struck not only me, but many people who have now donated to his cause. Check out what this guy stands for and help make a difference! And like Justin says, “It starts with one. And it starts right now.”

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