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The 5 Best Things About Moving Back Home [$200 Product Giveaway from ReadyU]


We know college students are always looking for ways to save money. Read below to learn how YOU can win a $200 PRIZE PACK filled with all the essential items you need to make it through the spring season in style thanks to our friends at ReadyU.

When you’re in high school, everybody asks you where you’re going to college, and as soon as you make it there, people start asking you what you’re doing after college. For a lot of recent grads, the answer to that question is that they’re heading home to live with mom and dad… again.

There’s no shame in that. Just a couple of years ago, 20-somethings avoided moving back in with their parents at all costs, but thanks to the tough job market and bad economy, college grads are seeking out more creative ways to save money – and moving back home happens to be one of the easiest ways to cut down on costs!

But it must suck to move back in with your parents after graduation, right? Wrong. A new study by the Pew Research Center has found that the vast majority of recent grads who are living with their parents enjoy it. They’re spending more time with family, and slicing a significant chunk off their monthly budgets. We learned about this study from our friends over at Ready U, which is an awesome resource for the things you need to know about college but that isn’t taught in the classroom.. You know, like how to throw the perfect party, or, how to ask out that cute girl from class, while simultaneously learning how to balance your checkbook and mastering the monster that is the laundry room. This study, thanks to our friends at ReadyU got us thinking about some of the great advantages that come along with living at home. The money saved is a given, but there are a lot more great things about living with your parents. Check out our list of the best things about moving back in with the ‘rents.

Now that we’ve told you what our favorite things about living at home are, we want to hear yours! ReadyU is giving away an amazing prize pack of spring essentials valued at $200. It’s got all the hottest products for the season. To enter to win, just head to the comments and tell us your favorite thing about living at home!

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