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The Strangest Ways Kids Get Drunk & High


I hate to pull a “kids these days, they’re so crazy,” because I’ve always hated hearing people say things like that. But holy sh*t, kids these days, they’re crazy! News broke recently that teenagers in California have started showing up in emergency rooms with alcohol poisoning. But not from too much beer pong. Kids are getting dangerously drunk off of hand sanitizer.

Over-the-counter hand sanitizer contains 62% percent ethyl alcohol and can be used to make a 120-proof liquid. For comparison, most vodka is about 80 or 100-proof. So a few sips of hand sanitizer are about the equivalent (or more) of several shots of hard liquor. Which means that it’s really easy to get way too drunk way too quickly. Not to mention that it sounds disgusting.

So high schoolers, I hate to act like your mom, but I have to say it. Not. Worth. It. Come on now! But this isn’t the first crazy way that kids have come up with to get drunk or high. Click through the gallery to take a walk down memory lane. And kids, don’t try this at home.

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