Channing Tatum’s 32 Hottest Pics to Celebrate His 32nd Birthday! [Photos]

Today is not just your typical Thursday, oh no. This Thursday is particularly special. Why?  It’s Channing Tatum‘s 32nd birthday! Our delicious hunk of a man turns  32, and though he does not look a day past 25, we still wanted to celebrate in the proper way. I thought about a few things that I could do to celebrate the birth of such a beautiful man, but baking a cake, throwing a party, and flying to LA to stalk his life seemed silly.

I also wanted to celebrate with all of you (and we all can’t fly to LA and stalk!). So I finally came to the decision that the best way we can all revel in Channing Tatum Day is to look at sexified pictures of Channing from over the years. 32 pictures for every year that this beautiful man has walked the planet earth! I tried to find every shirtless one I could! (You’re welcome.) So happy birthday, Mr. Tatum! You made today just a little bit brighter!

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