How Many Disney Child Stars Can You Spot? [VIDEO]

My childhood was all about some old school Disney. I would watch that channel until my eyes glossed over. I wanted to be Hilary Duff. I wanted to have Gordo and Miranda be my best friends. The Disney Channel of yesteryear was infinitely better than whatever the hell is on that channel these days! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loathe whatever is on that channel these days. Whatever happened to Brink!, Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire and all the amazing TV shows like Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens and Smart Guy.

I was feeling super nostalgic last night and though I should have been preparing for a presentation that I have to give today instead I found an amazing old Disney video that I couldn’t help but share with you all. This video is jam packed for old Disney stars, and I was in heaven. Try and see how many you can spot! My friend and I decided that we’re going to dance like Hilary Duff does in this video at the bars this weekend. I guess I still want to be Lizzie McGuire. Enjoy!

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