1 In 2 College Grads Are Unemployed or Underemployed [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

A patron collapsed at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas for the second time in two months. The 40-year-old woman was supposedly smoking, drinking a margarita, dancing and eating her “double bypass burger” – basically having a grand old time – when she collapsed. No word on whether it was due to a heart attack, like the previous incident was, but the restaurant, which prides itself on being unhealthy, will most likely not be responsible for any medical bills. The grill is a tourist destination in Vegas for a number of reasons: there’s the famous policy that anyone “over 350 lbs. eats free”; the waitresses dressed up in short, Halloween-style nurses costumes; the required “hospital gowns” for diners; and of course, the food: pats of butter on milkshakes and triple or double-bypass burgers. Dine at your own risk.
Google released the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s report into their Street View service, which collected private data from millions of households. We all love Google Maps – especially Street View, where you can pretend you’re in New York City or LA or Colorado and stroll along the streets – but creating the service came at a cost. While driving around their video-camera equipped cars that collected the images to create the service, Google was also collecting information (called payload data) like names and emails from their private internet connections. Google claims the collection was the act of a “rogue engineer,” but recent intel reveals that multiple members of the team knew what was going on. Google was fined $25,000 for interfering with the investigation (which is pretty much like loose change in Google’s pocket), but the FCC decided that Google didn’t break the law. Still, though. Not cool, Google. Not cool.
Former Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards trial heated up this week. Edwards is being tried for breaking campaign finance law, but the trial became all about his affair when his former top-aide took the stand. Prosecutors say he broke the law when he accepted individual donations to campaign that exceeded the $2,300 individual limit. In fact, they far exceeded the limit. Edwards received nearly $1 million from a couple he was close with. The defense claims this money was a private gift from friends to hide the affair from his wife. Hmm… Whatever the outcome, it’s sure to be an exciting trial. This week, Edward’s number two man during the 2008 election described how Edwards called his mistress a “crazy slut” and used a private “bat phone” to call her. Tsk, tsk.
And now for the scariest news of the week: a recent study from the Associated Press reveals that 1 in 2 recent college grads is jobless or underemployed. We already knew we were in trouble, but 50%? That’s really not good. Regionally, those in the Mountain West were the worst off. About 3 in 5 are having trouble finding a good job, while those in the South, especially Texas, were the best off. And another shocking fact: only 3 of the 30 jobs with the most projected job openings in the next ten years will require a bachelor’s degree of higher. But… stay in school, kids… because… why again?
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A forest fire near Guadalajara, Mexico has consumed about 185,000 acres of land.
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