11 Things He Should Have Been Upfront About! [Dude's List]

Ever look back on a relationship and say, “God, if only I’d known all this crap a the beginning”? I know I have. I know I still do. I know that I probably will in the future, hopefully not the near future, but I admit the possibility. Hindsight’s the most perfect vision there is. Look, it isn’t always feasible or conceivable to know everything that’s going to clearly point out things will not end well. And not everything you wish you knew right at the beginning is necessarily a deal breaker, but there’re things that are important enough to warrant disclosure. And while, yes, in the linear timeline we are forced to live within a lot of the big stuff does come out eventually, it doesn’t hurt to take stock of what we wish we’d known. Even if only as a way to help you approach the next relationship. These are 11 things you wish he’d been upfront about and thus could have saved you some serious grief!

So there you have it, ladies. Almost a dozen damn things that you can look back on and say, “It’d have been nice to know THAT!” Again, disclaimer, not all of these need necessarily be deal breakers but they’d have been useful knowledge. The fact is that we never fully know what to expect from another person. We’re filled with quirks, habits and small moments of eccentricity that we never think about being a big deal to others. Well, kids, it seems pretty obvious, I’ll give you that…
Did I miss any? What are things you wish you’d known at the beginning that you were complicating things for you near the end?
Being An Open Book,
The Dude

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